CSA terms  

TERMS | The Member receives a Full Share or Half Share of produce from the Farmer for a number of weeks (June-October 2019: 20 for Full Shares, 10 for Half Shares) specified by the Member's chosen payment and membership subscription.

FARM'S RESPONSIBILITIES | Rice's Roots Farm commits to grow the best quality vegetables for CSA members, from June through October, 2019.

MEMBER'S RESPONSIBILITIES | Member agrees to honor the obligations outlined by their selected CSA membership subscription, including completing payment in full by May 1st, and picking up or receiving delivery of their share between noon and dusk on Wednesdays (for Full Shares), or alternate Wednesdays (for Half Shares).

VACATION HOLDS | We can accomodate one vacation hold per 20- or 10-week term. Members must notify info@ricesrootsfarm.com at least seven days before they wish their shares to be held.

FORGOTTEN SHARES | If the Member does not pick up their share, or is not available to receive share delivery, or does not provide a designated person’s name and phone number to info@ricesrootsfarm.com at least 24 hours in advance of the affected delivery or pick up date, that share will be considered “forgotten”. It is our policy to redistribute forgotten shares by noon the following day, unless members have contacted us and received confirmation of pick up at another time.